9 Best Online SEO Courses To Help You Rank Higher On Google in 2020

By Tang Kai Long   •   5 min read

Do you have a basic understanding of SEO, but just can’t seem to rank higher on Google?

First, SEO is ever-changing, and Google is always releasing new algorithms loaded with guidelines and rules. Even experts in the field like Brian Dean have to constantly change and adapt.

Second, mastering SEO is still more hands-on than theory. You can read all about it, only to find yourself stuck when facing hiccups the articles never warned you about.

Understanding these, your best shot at gaining mastery over SEO would be to 1) constantly learn about the most updated approaches, and 2) try them out yourself and iterate.

If you want to rank high on Google, have a go at these 9 best online SEO courses.

Note: Most of these courses require a fundamental understanding of SEO. To get started on the basics, it would be advisable to start from the first course in this list: SEMrush’s Digital Marketing Course.

Also, If you are looking to first get a good fundamental understanding of digital marketing, check out our list of 6 Must-See Digital Marketing Online Courses (2020).

  1. SEMrush’s digital marketing course and exams (Free)
  2. Neil Patel’s SEO Unlocked (Free)
  3. YOAST Academy’s All-around SEO (Free)
  4. Udemy’s Complete SEO Training 2020 (Paid)
  5. Econsultancy’s Fast Track SEO Marketing Training (Paid)
  6. Equinet Academy’s SEO Certification Course (Paid, funded by WSQ)
  7. Moz Academy’s SEO Education (Paid)
  8. The Blueprint Training’s Advanced Trainings For SEO Professionals (Free & Paid)
  9. SkillShare’s SEO Today (Paid)

1) SEMrush Digital Marketing Course and Exams (Free)

SEMRush free online digital marketing courses and exams

Unlike the other courses listed, this SEMrush Digital Marketing Course covers the basics of SEO that will help you get a fundamental understanding.

They turned complicated content into short and easy-to-digest videos for their learners. From SEO to keyword researching, this beginner-friendly course will help ease first-timers into the world of SEO.

Learn more about the course here.


2) Neil Patel’s SEO Unlocked (Free)

Neil Patel Welcome to SEO Unlocked

Neil Patel is one of the expert gurus in the world of SEO. He has his own website and a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers.

Following a brief introduction to SEO, this SEO course proceeds to talk about the various components that make up SEO. From on-page off-page SEO all the way to link-building and building a powerful brand, Neil Patel makes complicated details easy to understand.

He is also very good at generating conversion by creating content that retains users to stay longer at the website.

Best part of it all – it’s 100% free.

Check out the course here.


3) YOAST Academy’s All-around SEO (Free)

YOAST Academy All-Around SEO

Almost like a sequel to their SEO For Beginners course , All-around SEO is a free course that discusses more in-depth SEO techniques and knowledge.

Every lesson includes a quiz to help evaluate your learning journey, and a quiz feedback at the end of it. It covers extensively the concepts related to SEO, from the introduction of SEO to more technical aspects such as site speed and off-page SEO.

Learn more about this course here.


4) Udemy’s Complete SEO Training 2020 (Paid)

Udemy complete SEO Training

As the title suggests, this course is as comprehensive as SEO courses can get.

From identifying keywords to rank for, to detecting technical SEO issues on your site, building and optimising your site to gain authority and trustworthiness with Google, this results-oriented course has it all.

In addition, you can get a list of high DA websites where you can easily create backlinks for your website. Afterall, it is the best-selling SEO course.

Look out for promotions as high as 92% off to purchase the course at a low price.

Click the link below to learn more.

Complete SEO Training 2020 Rank #1 in Google with SEO 2020

5) Econsultancy’s Fast Track SEO Marketing Training (Paid)

Econsultancy Fast Track SEO Marketing Training

This is an intermediate course meant for those who are looking to enhance and improve their website’s visibility.

You can expect to pick up quick win search opportunities. The trainer will provide insightful knowledge that has never been taught by others. They also offer an advanced course for individuals who are more experienced with SEO and are looking to take it to the next level.

Learn more about the course here.


6) Equinet Academy’s SEO Certification Course (Paid; SkillsFuture Credits Claimable)

Equinet Academy SEO certification course

This course emphasises a lot on the latest Google algorithm and the impacts it can have on website rankings. It encompasses the techniques necessary to rank on the first page of Google and demonstrates how to beat the competition when it comes to keyword research.

Come the end of the course, you should be well-versed in white-hat-on-page optimisation techniques, build backlinks, and use various SEO tools to conduct competitive SEO analysis.

Find out more about the course here.


7) Moz Academy SEO Education (Paid)

Moz academy SEO Education

Moz is a big name in the SEO scene.

Across the courses provided, it is categorised by your familiarity with SEO. They offer courses for beginners, novice, and intermediate learners.

The courses are also broken down into the specific topics under the SEO umbrella. They include keyword search, page optimisation, backlink basics, technical SEO site audit, and local SEO fundamental. By doing so, each course becomes a lot more intensive and is able to fully cover the full extend of the given topic.

Learn more about their courses here.


8) The Blueprint Training’s Advanced Trainings For SEO Professionals (Free & Paid Options)

The Blueprint Training Advanced Training for SEO Professionals

The BluePrint Training offers both free and paid SEO courses. Like several other websites, they break down the many aspects of SEO and really go into details with each of them. Anything and everything related to SEO best practices can be found here.

Click here to learn more.


9) SkillShare’s SEO Today (Paid)

Skillshare SEO Today

To wrap up the list, here’s a course that’s ideal for those who are rather familiar with SEO. For a more accommodating beginner course, they also offer an Introduction to SEO.

In this intermediate course, the primary focus is on ranking higher on Google as well as the best practices for mobile SEO. Considering how much time people spend on their mobiles now, mobile SEO has an increasing weightage in Google’s algorithm and how high you rank.

Learn more about this course here.


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