Resume Hacks: Should You Use A Resume Builder?

By Tang Kai Long   •   6 min read

If job hunting is like online dating, then your resume would be your Tinder profile – you can’t get matches if it sucks.

When we submit our resumes to potential employers, we’re banking on it to help us get our foot in the door and land an interview. Before you get a chance to articulate your skillsets in person, your resume has to first convince them that you’re worth talking to.

One way to effectively build your resume (and make your life easier) is by using resume builders.

What are resume builders?

Resume builders are online tools that help you create your resume from scratch.

You can choose a template of your liking, then focus on inputting your information such as your work experience, education background, etc. So you don’t have to worry about the resume structure, layout or design. Some resume builders even point out common mistakes and provide real-time feedback. ­­

Why should you use resume builders?


1) Information is organised in proven layouts

Resume builders often provide ‘tried and tested’ resume structures which help you organise your information in a clean manner. This helps recruiters pick up your experiences and skills more easily, to see if you are indeed a good fit for the job. You’re helping them help you.


2) It saves you a lot of time

Crafting a resume from scratch is time consuming enough. Crafting a good one takes even more time. Even with all the time invested, there’s no saying it will be a good resume.

If you are applying across different industries, you’ll probably be spending more time customising your resume to different industries. Instead, resume builders have different templates for different industries, and you can simply edit your details within different templates to best match the various job descriptions.

All things considered, you stand a better chance going with resume templates.


3) They look good

You may have heard – a recruiter takes 6 seconds before deciding whether or not to continue reading your resume. First impression matters – especially when they have tons of resumes to look through. If your resume is eye-catching, you’ll immediately stand out compared to the rest of the candidates.


4) You get to focus on your content

Recruiters don’t select your resume just because it’s pretty. They are trained professionals that look for substance. Understand that what separates you from the rest shouldn’t be the aesthetics – but what’s within your resume.

When you use resume templates, you are freed up to focus on your skillsets and achievements. The worry of having to “decorate” your resume disappears. All that is left for you to do is to fill in your experiences and achievements in a way that well matches the job description.

If resume builders are so good, why isn’t everybody using it?


1) Many people don’t know about it

One big reason is that people just don’t realise they have the option of making their lives easier with resume builders. So spread the word and share this article with your friends who are job searching 😉


2) You will all look the same

That is the thing with resume templates. Even if you customise and make slight tweaks to it, a resume template screams out “Look! I’m a template!” in a frequency that is especially sensitive to recruiters.

And if you’re unlucky enough to have 20 other applicants share the same template, your chances are likely jeopardised. No particular reason to fault you for, it’s really just because you all look the same.


3) Some resume templates may not be ATS-friendly

Many companies are leaning toward the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). ATS is a type of software that scans and ranks job applications based on specific keywords. They shortlist those who are most likely a good fit for the job, and then toss out the least-qualified ones.

The issue with many of the templates out there is that they lack the beauty of a plain, good ol’ Microsoft Word document. They emphasise so much on the aesthetics, and as a result some of them may be ATS-unfriendly.

Which means you can have your resume tossed out even when you have all the boxes checked.

What are some good resume builders?

A good resume builder should understand the concerns of a jobseeker and have incorporated ways to bypass the potential downsides of using such a tool.

Here are two resume builders that get the job done well.


EnhanCV is a highly customisable, easy-to-use resume builder that allows you to create sophisticated resumes with thousands of backgrounds, colours, sections, icons and templates.

There is no learning curve, so the entire process is natural and intuitive. You also receive instant feedback on your resume that helps avoid common mistakes like poor phrasing and readability issues.

Sample resumes:

Resume sample templates from EnhanCV

These resumes are designed to showcase personal skills and achievements that a normal resume would miss. Their templates follow best practices and advice from top recruiters, and there is one for everyone whether you’re just starting out or already a seasoned professional.

What we love most about it: Their resumes are compatible with almost all the latest Applicant Tracking Systems.

First time users can enjoy a 14-day free trial Basic Plan. Within the Basic Plan, you get to build 1 resume with their basic sections. Check it out the free trial here.



Well, how do we put this? Think of Rezi’s resume templates like a hammer. They may not be pretty, but it is the perfect tool for the job.

Sample resumes:

Sample resume templates from online resume builder Rezi

Nothing shouts “all-in-one” louder than their resume builder. You’ll see why.


1) ATS Keyword Targeting

They basically spell out for you the keywords that the system is looking out for. You put in the right keywords, and there you are – sitting right on top of the heavy pile of candidates.

Rezi resume builder ATS Keyword targeting


2) Real Time Content Analysis

They point out formatting error as you work on your resume. To sweeten the deal, they even include best practices to help your resume pull ahead of the competition.

Rezi resume builder Real Time Content Analysis


3) Rezi Expert Resume Review

If you don’t want artificial intelligence to be telling you what to do – or whether or not your resume will make it before the recruiter – you can also opt for a professional human resume writer.

Rezi will send in their team of professional resume writers to guarantee the quality of your resume.

Rezi resume builder expert resume review


Which is why we think Rezi is just like a hammer, because they cover for everything you need to build the resume that will land you interviews.

Nailed it.


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