How To Stay Motivated At Work When You Hate Your Job

By Tang Kai Long   •   3 min read

You’ve plateaued. Work is no longer stimulating. You hate your job and are even entertaining the thought of leaving.

We spoke to Ryan Park who specialises in Talent Acquisition for the past 15 years and asked about secrets to staying motivated at a job you no longer enjoy.

P.S. He does not hate his job.


There are many people who have been in their jobs for many years, and after so long they find that they’re sick of their jobs. Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated even after so many years of working either in the same company or industry?

I do think about what I want to do next quite often as well.

When it comes to the question of what should I do and how can I stay motivated, don’t think too much.

Let’s put it this way. You are paid by the company, so you feel an obligation to pay them back with your service. So it is a very logical reaction.

On top of that, this relationship between employees and employers has to be a win-win situation, just like any other relationship. Think about personal development, what you want to do and what kind of person you want to become.

When you do self-reflection and self-assessment of what you’re good at and what you’re not, people try to improve their weaknesses all the time. Forget about that.

Think about your strengths. Think about the way to really maximize your potential so that it’s good enough to compensate your weaknesses. That would be the fastest way.

If you are too caught up on fixing your weaknesses, you will just end up as a mediocre, average joe. You would be averaged out, because you’re spending your time and energy on your weaknesses.

The best way to stay motivated is really to just maximise your biggest potential within your strengths. Find out what you’re really good at and look for the right opportunities within the company. If it’s not available within the company, look outside your company where you can maximise that.

If there is a company that can offer you the opportunity to really maximise your strengths, moving over there would be the right move.

I think self-motivation is tied to self-development too. The biggest satisfaction that any human being can get is not the money nor the satisfaction. It’s about self-fulfilment.

I feel so fulfilled because when I look back to 5 years ago, I am a completely different person now. I’m a better human being now, and there’s always something you can do about yourself.

I ask myself that question quite often these days, especially when I’m confined to this small space in my house. It really gets people thinking more.

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It’s not enough to think more – you have to act on your thoughts.

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