4 Things You Never Knew Recruiters Were Finding Out About You Online

By Poon Yi Lin   •   4 min read

It is not just about LinkedIn now. 

Recruiters have caught up with the times. It is increasingly common for recruiters to find out more about candidates from their personal Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and online searches. 

But what exactly are recruiters looking to find out from our online presence? 

We speak to Jocelyn Neo, Employer Brand Manager at Revolut, who shares her perspective on personal branding, social media and digital traceability. With years of employer branding experience at companies like Revolut and Shopee, Jocelyn is familiar with the recruitment process for new hires, and what companies look out for.

The biggest motivation behind recruiters paying attention to candidates’ digital presence is the desire to understand candidates better. From their hobbies and interests to their personalities and values, you’ll be surprised at how much recruiters can learn about candidates through social media. 

Here are 4 things recruiters are finding out from your digital presence.

Digital portfolio: Previous work and content

Given how easy it is to trace your work digitally, it’s good to spend some time building up a digital portfolio to impress recruiters who search you up on Google.

“I am in the line of content work, and when you have content work, it is very easy for you to put together a portfolio and have your digital footprint out there.” 

Jocelyn also provides an example of how jobseekers can build their digital portfolio using their existing skills and personal interests.

“If you are a software engineer who really likes music, you can go to Spotify, access their API and try to look at how codes are written. You could also pick another project and try to work backwards. Ask yourself how you would approach coding this solution. You can even set up a website and put your solutions online.”

Everything not on LinkedIn

Your social media profiles are where recruiters go to find out as much as possible about you outside of the workplace. Jocelyn shares that one of the most popular sites she likes to visit is Instagram. If you do not want recruiters looking at your Instagram photos, it is time to privatise your accounts! 

“When I used to recruit for my own team back in Shopee, I intensively stalked every candidate I was interested in. I wanted to make sure that I knew as much as possible about who I was bringing on board the team. And I don’t think I’m the only one!”

Values and beliefs

The ease at which recruiters can uncover information about jobseekers online also means that it can work against some easily. Jocelyn advises that it is crucial for jobseekers to be mindful about the content they are putting online as it reflects their values and beliefs.

“In general, be a good person. Don’t say nasty things, and don’t post compromising content.”

She shares about a particularly jarring candidate profile that she came across.

“The caption put out by this person really reflected the kind of person that he was. I always ask myself: if this person has this to say about somebody else, then it reflects more about the person who said it, rather than the person he is talking about. So, in general, be careful. ”

An accurate reflection of you as a person

Jocelyn stresses that it is not about being politically correct all the time. It’s about making sure that your profile genuinely reflects the person you are.

“It’s more about being a genuine person who just doesn’t want to talk bad about somebody else. This will show when people scroll through your profile. It is definitely a good idea to clean up your social media profile such that it still reflects your personality. At the end of the day, good companies are hiring someone not only for their skills but also their personality. Whatever people put online is a good way to show who they are, and I encourage that.”

If you would like to read the full transcript with Jocelyn Neo – which includes insights on job hunting tips during the recession that are not included in this article – you can download it here:

So there you have it, the 4 things that recruiters pay attention to about candidates online. Remember, the traceability of your digital footprint is a double edged sword. Make sure that your social media presence reflects the real version of yourself, and make it work in your favour!

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