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More than just a Telco. Even Singapore’s ERP technology was provided by Singtel.


Fun fact: They have a massage room with its own in-house masseuse located in the office.


If you like to hunt down the latest beauty products for a living, you belong to Category Management.

Changi Airport Group

You may know Changi Airport as one of the world’s best airports. Yet, who actually runs the airport?

Flow Traders Asia

Every new trader is sent on a 6-month fully paid training programme in Amsterdam.

Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz offers rapid career advancement — but be ready to work hard to taste the meritocracy.

The Learning Lab

Creating fun, thought-provoking lessons that make students more curious about the world around them.

SMU Alumni Association

For any fresh graduates who wonder “Why should I join the Alumni Association of my alma mater?”


Ashoka invests in aspiring social entrepreneurs, to help them solve pressing issues in the world.