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Circles.Life has a team of over 140 people, with more than 90 in the Singapore team. But it's rapidly growing — there are about 10 new hires every month. This means more processes to keep everything in place.

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Familiar with $20 for 20GB? Circles.Life understands the frustration mobile users have about being charged extra for exceeding their data limits. This Robin Hood of telco aims to disrupt the industry, and make data affordable for all consumers. It offers a base plan of $28/mth which includes up to 6GB of mobile data - where users can add 20GB more, for an extra S$20/mth. As a virtual telco, Circles.Life does not build its own physical mobile network, but leases it from an existing telco, M1. This, combined with a strategic decision to move away from costly physical stores, allows them to return power to consumers to customise their mobile plans for their needs at an affordable cost.

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“Are you crazy? This can’t be done.” “I’m going to show you.” If you ask any employee at Circles.Life, they would tell you that the whole team has a spirit of competitiveness around them. Tell them they can’t, and they’ll think “Bring it on!” Risk-taking is at the heart of the Circles.Life DNA - this explains their gutsy marketing campaigns (think: Youtiao666 girls vandalising at Bugis MRT). But that doesn't mean you can just tell your team "Let's do this because it'll be cool." Instead, be prepared to back your ideas with data. The Circles.Life team is always looking out for gutsy candidates who are able to push for well-researched risks, but are also open-minded enough to revise their positions when they are wrong. Or in their own words, "Debate like you are right and listen like you are wrong."