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What Justlogin Does


Founded in 1999, Justlogin was the first company in Singapore to bring HR software into the Cloud - even before cloud computing became a trend. A simple way of understanding what cloud software is: think about Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Google Drive, and more - these are all cloud-based software. Servicing companies from SMEs to MNCs, they provide HR software such as ePayroll, eTimeclock and eLeave that have MOM-compliant features. This helps companies automate several HR processes, ensure compliance with MOM and maximize productivity. At the same time, employees can also conveniently manage their payroll, time-tracking and leave, among others.
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Why Work At Justlogin


The beauty of working in a SME like Justlogin is that you often take on a diverse portfolio of duties, rather than be pigeonholed into a single responsibility. Although that means you must be adept at managing multiple projects at one time, your learning cuts across a wider breadth as well. For example, in a role managing client relationships, one would be expected to conduct client trainings, deal with queries and constantly maintain relations to achieve commercial KPIs, among other duties.
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“There are times when you need to come up with solutions for your customers, so you need to leverage on your own sense of responsibility, ownership and experience.”
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