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Mednefits is co-founded by Chris, Hadi and Clarence. Chris and Hadi were inspired to bring affordable healthcare to SMEs and the self-employed, after they struggled to afford the high healthcare costs in Singapore for loved ones who were not covered by insurance.

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Mednefits was founded in 2014 by 2 childhood friends who both experienced the loss of their loved ones. Their families struggled to pay for healthcare expenses for their loved ones who were not covered by insurance as they were either not working, or worked at an SME. Realising that SMEs were less able to provide medical benefits for their employees due to the expensive insurance plans catered for larger corporations, co-founders Chris and Hadi decided to take action. Essentially, Mednefits brings affordable health benefits to SMEs, so that SMEs are also able to provide their employees with attractive health coverage – thereby better attracting & retaining them. Benefits can include free medical services, dental care, outpatient GP, health screening and more. To date, it has serviced 13,000 employees in over 180 SMEs.

7 Temasek Boulevard #18-02 Suntec Tower One Singapore, 038987

Nearest MRT: Promenade

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You get to work with people who truly care about the mission of making healthcare affordable and simple for companies and their employees. The team at Mednefits work extremely hard on a very important problem: Fixing the increasingly costly healthcare space using technology and design, such that it is able to serve the needs of ourselves and our loved ones. According to the team, the current one-size-fits-all health insurance model heavily favours the upper end of the market. And when costs rise, the ones who struggle are either the self-employed or the SMEs – segments that are simply underserved. Mednefits brings affordable health benefits to SMEs, so that SMEs are also able to provide their employees with attractive health coverage. This means that you would get exposure to and face both the Corporate (Human Resources) industry and Healthcare industry. Till date, Mednefits has secured partnerships with over 300 healthcare businesses, and it’s still counting. Acquiring healthcare partners to expand Mednefits' offering of benefits can be an exciting & daunting task. Each function in the GP clinic has no time for you. When you’re there, you get 2 mins to convince the doctor. Some nurses may be trained to say no. What would you do? – As a startup in its early stages of growth, Mednefits is looking for people who can first believe in their vision & mission and understand the current methodology, execute it well, and then innovate for more efficient ways of doing things.