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Office Life

The project-driven and collaborative work culture at Shopee means that everyone has to pull their weight. It also means you get to propose and push forward with initiatives you think will move the business forward. To ensure employees are always performing effectively, employee development is prioritized with employees getting access to trainings and workshops conducted by in-house trainers on a regular basis.

Office Benefits

Feeling tired? Escape into one of Shopee's pods in their cosy napping room, or book yourself a massage session with their in-house masseuse. Binge on Shopee's collection of edible must-haves in their pantry which stays fully stocked with drinks and snacks. For lunch, food options abound. Hitch a ride on Shopee's very own shuttle bus to Galaxis at One-North. Additional shuttle services offered by the complex extend your reach to Holland Village, Ghim Moh Market and neighbouring National University of Singapore faculty canteens.


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