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Office Life

Department teambuilding activities often have a CSR element, with VolunTeaming programmes such as coming together to organise the Singtel Carnival for children with special needs. This ensures sustainability isn’t something that’s only championed by the CSR department. Every employee gets one day of paid Voluntary Service Leave per year to support a charity or environmental cause of their choice. Overseas Volunteering Programs are also available, and conducted in partnership with Singtel’s subsidiaries and offices all over the region, such as Thailand and The Philippines.

Office Culture

Things move fast and there are no excuses for under-performing, but that doesn’t mean it’s an aggressively competitive culture. This is a workplace environment that's ambitious, but also collaborative. It’s common to see employees from different teams and departments working together on a project, or to achieve common KPIs. Some may consider the inter-department collaboration at Singtel to lengthen project timelines, but the diversity of opinions is highly valued here.


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