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The Learning Lab | Shuli Sudderuddin | General Paper (GP) Teacher
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Her Typical Work Day

General Paper (GP) Teacher

After a morning swim or run, Shuli spends her time at home marking, writing the JC curriculum, or vetting the secondary school curriculum. She then comes into the office at around 3:00 PM to prepare for her lessons and hang out with her colleagues at the hot desk. They talk, laugh, and play, but also share ideas about how to teach the lessons. She goes into classes from 5:00PM to 9:30PM, and when she’s done, she stuffs her face at the pantry before heading home. On some days, she assists with teacher training and mentors new teachers.
The Learning Lab | Shuli Sudderuddin | Learning Through Travel

Company Culture at The Learning Lab


Shuli never imagined she'd get the chance to travel to USA for work as an educator at an enrichment centre. In addition to training students on the HMC team, she also plans visits to universities such as Stanford, Harvard and MIT. They went on campus tours and got to experience what a lecture in these universities were like. It's greatly inspiring for students who are at the age where they are thinking about their future.

Applicant Advice


Don’t show fear when you walk into the classroom. You’re the teacher. Always have a brave front. But more importantly, at the workplace, be brave in asking questions. We’re all teachers, we understand what it’s like to not get stuff. Nobody’s going to fault you for asking questions. Really. People will always have time for you.
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The Learning Lab | Shuli Sudderuddin | Everyone Is Willing To Help
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“Give it time. We’ve had a lot of people who come in for like 2 months and think they can’t do this. Yeah, because you didn’t get to know the students. They don’t know you. Teaching is a very people-facing job. So give it time. Give yourself a chance to get to know the kids. Give the kids a chance. Then it becomes great.”
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What Shuli Loves


Some students may be more challenging to manage. But what Shuli has found is that once you win them over, once they start to like you, they will do anything for you. She loves talking to students, not just about the curriculum, but about their lives, their interests and things that happened to them over the week. These conversations help her understand them on a more personal level and builds strong relationships that lasts beyond their graduation.
The Learning Lab | Shuli Sudderuddin | Instil Confidence

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