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Covid 19 Talent Care

Foreword from our team

The team at Talenttribe would like to extend our hand and help our fellow jobseekers & employers through this trouble times. Here's a little love from our team to help you pull though.


Whether you're worried about finding a job, or anxious to keep your job.
We are here to help.

Jobs & Companies still hiring

There are still companies hiring 💪🏻 Here are actual jobs & opportunities you can check out if you're looking for a job now.

Full-Time Opportunities: SEAriously Awesome People List - Startup Covid-19 Layoffs

Helping awesome people that got laid off by startups because of the economic climate find new jobs. See startups that are still hiring amidst the recession. Add your profile to the list of awesome people so companies know you're looking for a job.

Full-Time Opportunities: Career Trial

Gain work experience, enhance employability and secure formal employment paying $1,500 or more

SGUnited Traineeships

Applications commence 1 June 2020

SGUnited Traineeships: NTU

Paid Traineeships available across NTU's departments, colleges, schools, research centres, institutes, and corporate and joint laboratories with strong industry engagement. Open to graduating Class of 2020 from all disciplines.

Internship Opportunities: For Students Affected by COVID-19 Cancellations

Compiled resources on internship opportunities for students affected by COVID-19 cancellations

Internship Opportunities: Skilio Industry Immersion Programme

Cohort #2 commences 8 June 2020

Internship Opportunities: InternSG

Singapore's #1 Internship Portals with over 70,000 jobs listed free

Part-Time Jobs: During COVID-19 Period

Temporary jobs to tide you over

Event: Virtual Career Fairs

For jobs across finance, engineering, ICT and essential services

Event: WSG & SSG Career Events

Career fairs, job preparation workshops, and other activities

Job Search Resources & Platforms

More job portals. And more importantly: See available job openings in NTUC and its affiliated social enterprises

More Job Search Resources & Platforms

More resources to help you stay afloat in this recession

Even More Job Search Resources & Platforms

Part-time jobs, internships, and many more

Singapore Startup Talent Directory

If you were part of a startup & affected by the recent COVID-19 layoffs, you'll want to get your profile listed on this Startup Talent Directory so that companies that are still hiring can find you & reach out if you are suitable for a role

Free career coaching & advice

Many kind souls out there who are reaching out to help you through this. Here's who you can turn to.

No items found.

Resume Writer: Free CV Feedback

Want recruiters to notice you? Get a free CV feedback from Singapore's leading resume writing firm and have your CV revamped today

Young NTUC: Virtual Mentorship

Got a burning career question? Book an appointment for a virtual mentorship with Young NTUC's career guides and get valuable tips and advice on how you can progress in your career

The Working Title: Career-Fitness Assessment

Find out how "fit" you are in your Career-Fitness and use the reflection questions at the end to get "fitter"!

The Working Title: Career Roadtrip

Go on this Career Roadtrip to discover your: Self, Story, Situation, & Strategy

Recession job hunting tips

If you're graduating or looking for a new job, this is a difficult market to be in. Here's how you can better prepare yourself in this recession.

Should You Go Freelance? 4 Things You Must Know Before Jumping In
Hear from a freelancer on finding clients, how to charge clients, quitting your full-time job, designing your day, and more
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8 Recession Job Hunting Insights You Always Wanted To Know
Hear the inside tips & tricks from this recruiter who successfully switched jobs during Circuit Breaker
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Stop Being The “Desperate Candidate”: How To Follow Up With Recruiters
How long should I wait before following up? What channel should I use? What should I say without sounding desperate or annoying?
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Covid-19: What Can Young Jobseekers Do To Survive This Recession?
Recession job hunting tips from a veteran recruiter who’s been recruiting since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis
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CareerSocius: Ultimate Resume Toolkit 2020

A simple and comprehensive guide that provides essential tips and expert advice in crafting an outstanding resume

Why 2020 Is a Bad Year to Enter the Workforce, and What Fresh Graduates Can Do About It

Graduating this year? Here’s what you need to know

Fresh Grads to Face Tough Job Market Due to Covid-19

How can you make the best of the situation?

Recession-Proof Your Resume

Optimise how you present your experience & qualifications to prospective employers, to increase your chances of getting hired.

How to Create a Recession-Proof Career

Ready yourself for the most anticipated recession in history

Interview preparation

Interviews are harder to come by now. If you manage to land an interview, here are some guides to help you set yourself up for success.

How To Answer: Do You Have Any Questions?
Nothing to ask? Here are 40 questions you can ask that’ll help you impress right till the end of the interview.
Read more
Ultimate List of Interview Questions Cheatsheet
Over 250 real interview questions that jobseekers like you have encountered, from companies like DBS, Shopee, Adidas, and more.
Read more
How To Answer: What Are Your Weaknesses?
Answering about your weaknesses in an interview should be as easy as ABC - and we show you how you can do it with our ABC template.
Read more
How To Answer: Tell Me About A Time You Failed
Talking about a time you failed may feel like walking into a trap – but it doesn’t have to. Here’s what you can say.
Read more
How To Answer: What Is Your Expected Salary?
“The Price is Right” interview version. Except we’ve done all the guesswork for you – so you don’t have to.
Read more
How To Answer: Why Should We Hire You?
Answering about your weaknesses in an interview should be as easy as ABC - and we show you how you can do it with our ABC template.
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OutwitTrade - Phone And Video Interview Tips: Experts Comment

Preparing for a phone or video interview? Here's what you should think about

How to Ace Your Video Job Interview During Covid-19

Job interview turned virtual – video interview tips you need to know

Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers

First time on Zoom? Here’s what you need to know

Remotely Possible – Top 10 Tips for Video Interviews

Top video interview tips tested and refined

Learn new skills

And of course, upskilling. Stay employable & in-demand with the many online courses that are now free because of Covid-19.

Free Online Learning Resources (Updated Continuously)

Pretty much the most exhaustive list of online courses we've seen out there

More free online courses from Ivy League Schools

Class Central has made even more Ivy League courses free for you!

Free E-Books

11 sites for thrifty bookworms to download free e-books

Learn Data Science for Free

Courses related to Machine Learning, Algorithms, Bayesian Statistics, and more

Free Online Courses & Software

Includes courses from Ivy League schools. Learn SEO, soft skills, and even artistic hobbies

More Free Online Classes

Includes courses on business skills, coding, deep learning, languages, yoga — and even an online cooking class from Michelin starred chef

Online Educational Platforms

From machine learning to music and language, you can find them all here

Hackwagon Academy

Pick up in-demand skills like Javascript Programming and Full Stack Web Development at affordable prices

Retrenchments & pay cuts

How to pre-empt the situation, and navigate through it if you're facing retrenchment or pay cuts.

Job Security: How Much is Within Our Control?

Take control over your job security

Here’s What You Can Do If Your Company Withholds or Pays Your Salary Late

Times are hard, but there is nothing stopping you from understanding your rights as an employee

Common Feelings after Being Laid Off

Know that how you're feeling is normal

5 Important Steps for Protecting Yourself and Getting Your Career Back on Track

No time to dwell, here’s what you can do

4 Ways to Protect Yourself When Getting Fired or Retrenched

Safeguard yourself and your loved ones

Why Job Seekers in Recovery Have an Advantage

Turn a bad situation into your favour

Work from home

Your company may not be talking about the stress & anxiety that working from home brings. But you're not alone — here's how you can thrive during WFH.

4 Work From Home Struggles Nobody Talks About
It's not always easy to talk about your work from home struggles with your boss. Here's what will help
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Full-Time Freelancer Answers Top 5 Work From Home Questions
100% remote freelancer shares how he structures his day, communicate with his boss, maximise learning, and more
Read more
Being In-distract-able
How I took control of my time & boosted productivity with Nir Eyal’s “Indistractable” strategies.
Read more
6 Little-Known Hacks To Boost Your Work From Home Productivity
Actionable tips you can implement today and see results right away. Get more work done in less time.
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The Reason Zoom Calls Drain Your Energy

Why video calls are so tiring, and how you can reduce 'Zoom fatigue'

Working from Home: 5 Hidden Downsides No One Talks About

A 2018 dig about the downsides of working from home becoming more relevant than ever

The 7 Biggest Remote Work Challenge (and how to overcome them)

Actionable steps to neutralise some of the challenges faced working from home

12 Biggest Challenges of Working from Home – How to Overcome Them

Identifying the problems isn’t enough – here’s how you can overcome them

Putting in 50 hours While WFH, It’s a Struggle to Draw the Line Between Work and Home

How you can avoid burning out while working from home

Singaporean Mums Share How They’re Coping with the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker

Heroes at work, superheroes at home

How to Work from Home with Kids: 5 Stress-Free Tips for Parents

Work from home: parenting version

Managing a remote team

Learn from the playbooks of companies who have been running remote teams for years.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work: Zapier

Lessons from Zapier who has been running 100% remote teams from day one.

The Remote Playbook 2020: GitLab

Tips & tactics for making remote work from the largest all-remote company in the world

The Remote Playbook 2020: GitLab

Sustaining an enterprise-grade remote work environment

A Guide to Managing your (Newly) Remote Workers: HBR

This is a first for many – learn how you can ease them into working from home

Checklist & Guide to Manging Remote Teams: University of Pittsburgh

Concise bullet point checklist guide to keep employees engage and motivated

5 Ways to Strengthen Communication and Team Cohesion

Now’s the time to start over-communicating

6 Simple Ways to Improve Staff Morale During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Quick math: Higher staff morale = higher productivity


If the situation is taking a toll on your mental health, don't struggle with it alone. Here are some support channels to help you better cope ❤️

Singapore National Care Hotline: 62026868

24-hour hotline that provides emotional support to anybody who needs it - be it stress over finances, marital and family tensions, etc.

Free emotional support: 7 Cups

24-hour free chat to connect with caring listeners for emotional support

Singapore Psychological Society: List of Therapy Providers & COVID-19 Workshops

If you're seeking therapy during this difficult period, or looking to run a talk/training in your organisation

How Covid-19 May Be Affecting Your Mental Health

Know that you're not alone - there are others who are feeling the same way as you. Here are eight tips to boost your mental wellness

Protecting Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Avoiding the pitfalls of anxiety and depression

How to Stay Sane in a Time of Covid-19 Information Overload

Understand how you can better respond to the crisis and filter out misinformation

Everything You Need to Keep Updated on Covid-19 in Singapore

Your one-stop to surviving Covid-19

Top 25 Mental Health Apps (2020)

Including apps to help with anxiety management, depression, eating disorders, mindfulness, and more

Tips for Battling Stress and Anxiety during COVID-19

The first step to combating stress and anxiety is identifying them

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11 Telegram Channels To Follow This Covid-19 Season
Must-join Telegram channels to help you stay safe, stay sane and stay in the loop.
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@werkwerksg: Telegram channel for savvy jobseekers in Singapore
Get curated job & internship opportunities, polls and career hacks that work.
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All the channels you never knew you needed. From the latest news updates, life hacks, all the way to the best bargains in Singapore.
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