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Is Management Consulting your dream job?

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Get access to advice from current and ex-consultants from McKinsey, BCG, Bain & Co, Oliver Wyman, and more.

🔥  Figure out if consulting is the right career path for you.
🔥  Insider secrets on different consulting firms, career progression, salary, recruitment tips, and more.
🔥  How to break into this industry

Not sure how you can get into Management Consulting?
Or doubted if this is even the right career for you?

Because same.

Sharon here, btw 👋🏻  I'm the Co-founder of TalentTribe. I know what you're thinking:

“Aiya, cannot one lah. Consulting only for those very very smart kids"
“They prepare so many years already, it's too late for me now"
“What on earth do consultants do..."

But you're still curious about consulting. And your friends are always talking about it too.

About the good starting salary.
About getting paid to travel.
About how you don't have to decide on a career for the rest of your life in your 20s. Because consulting gives you exposure to so many different industries.

How do I know? Because I was once like you.

So curious about consulting, but knowing 0 about it at the beginning. I went into university wanting to explore two career paths: Consulting and Entrepreneurship. Thankfully, I got to experience both.

I first stepped into the world of consulting through an internship at a boutique consulting firm. Then subsequently through an internship at Bain & Co. in my penultimate year. After receiving a full-time return offer from Bain, I decided to pursue a career in Entrepreneurship instead — which led me to TalentTribe 🙂

But along the way, I realised something:‍

It's so difficult for someone without the right network to get in-depth knowledge about consulting. But yet, it’s actually not
that "complex” if someone who’s been through it could just sit down with me and download everything they knew to me.

So that's what I did - with some of my juniors who were interested in consulting. And I soon realised more people needed access to such information.

So I took all my experiences, interviewed current & ex-consultants in my network, and spent months with my team to put together everything into this one e-book I wish I had when I was in university.

Everything that a senior in consulting would tell me candidly over a coffee chat. The real stuff that answered all my questions and addressed my doubts. Minus the politically correct talk and jargon.

So you can go from knowing nothing to having an insider's view of consulting. Minus the frustration... so you don't go through the same trouble. Ever.

Quickly go from Zero to Hero

You'll go from being totally lost to having an insider's understanding of consulting as a career — the industry, the day-to-day life & how to get in.

We've organised it so that everything makes complete sense to you — even if you're new to the world of consulting.

Hear from Actual Consultants

It’s not easy to access or get advice from actual consultants.

So we’ve helped you with that. Get the most useful insights from our interviews with actual consultants at McKinsey, BCG, Bain & Co, Oliver Wyman, and many more - even if you don't have the right network.

Effective Locally

You can stop relying on online information that's written for an American audience. Because we've made sure that everything in this book is accurate for the local context.

That means you'll always be armed with the most relevant information.

Get Answers to Hard Questions

All those things you couldn't find online? Like why people quit? Or salary and career progression? Or how many people each firm hires per year?

You'll find the answers to them all in this book. We've done all the (painful) research so you don't have to.

Hear from those who've done it before

Get the answers to all the questions you've had. And questions you’ve never considered.

🔥  WTH is consulting
🔥  Different types of consulting
🔥  Why companies pay so much for consultants
🔥  What consultants actually do (hour-by-hour breakdown)
🔥  Breakdown of different firms in the industry (even the smaller ones)
🔥  Perks & hard truths of consulting as a career
🔥  Career & salary progression at different firms
🔥  How you can break into this industry
🔥  Background of candidates that get hired
🔥  Exit options: What does life after consulting look like?

Curious? Take a look inside our book:

Here’s a sample on the perks & hard truths of consulting as a career.

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