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Is The Boomer Mentality Clouding Our Judgement Of Young Jobseekers?

The viral post by employer Delane Lim reflects an underlying mentality that could be prevalent among employers today.

4 Recruiter Tips For A Positive Candidate Experience Amidst Hiring Freezes

An experienced employer brand manager shares how the candidate experience can go beyond “Sorry, we’re not hiring”.

How To Inform Candidates Of A Hiring Freeze Without Damaging Your Employer Brand

Having to tell candidates that you’re no longer hiring due to a hiring freeze? Here’s how you can do it while improving your employer brand at the same time.

Beyond The Pandemic: Preparing For A Hiring Resurgence

The best recruiters are not wasting any time in this hiring slowdown. Here’s how to best position yourself for a hiring resurgence.

5 Ways Recruiters Can Value-Add During A Hiring Slowdown

With the push from COVID-19, it is now time for recruiters to re-imagine and redefine their roles. Here’s how you can contribute beyond recruiting.

A Recruiter’s Guide To Open and Honest Candidate Communication In A Pandemic

Rescinded offers, hiring freezes and immediate rejections – here’s how to keep it transparent & honest.

The One Thing We Can All Learn From Distributed Teams To Maximise Value

Your employees won’t stay with you forever – but you can retain their knowledge and expertise. Here’s how.

Why It Makes Sense To Run Distributed Teams In A Post-Covid World

Covid-19 normalised working from home. See how you can take it one step further and consider running a distributed team.

How Millennials Feel About: Unconventional Job Titles

Marketing Ninja. Java Jedi. Chief Alchemist. Here’s what millennials really think about these fancy job titles.

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