Beyond The Pandemic: Preparing For A Hiring Resurgence

By Poon Yi Lin   •   3 min read

As everyone struggled to adjust to new ways of work in recent months, recruiters have also seen the core of their work evolve.

What used to be something so focused on hiring and personal interaction now has to be adapted for today’s remote workplace and hiring freezes.

What lies ahead after this hiring slowdown? How can recruiters stay relevant when the company is not hiring? Perhaps most importantly, how can they best prepare for a hiring resurgence when the global health crisis tides over?

We speak to Cynthia, Talent Acquisition Manager at Publicis Sapient, and Jocelyn, Employer Brand Manager at Revolut, both of whom have a wealth of experience in this space. They discuss their perspectives on the evolving role of Recruitment in this crisis. Recognizing today’s weak job market, both stress the importance for recruiters to adapt quickly, move nimbly, and start preparing for a hiring resurgence.

Bad times don’t last forever.

 What goes down is bound to come up again. While the uncertainty of the job market and economy is worrying, it is wiser for recruiters to grab the opportunity of this hiring down season to rethink their priorities. Adapting nimbly and effectively will help recruiters best prepare for when the job market picks up eventually.

What you plant now, you will harvest later.

When the economy recovers, some companies will lose the share of mind of jobseekers.

The job market will reopen its doors one day, and experienced recruiters know that the best time to start preparing for that is right now. The recruitment approach taken by companies in the pandemic today will affect tomorrow’s talent pool.

Even during a hiring freeze, it is important for recruiters to keep their talent pool engaged, continue instilling confidence among potential candidates, and work on building their employer brand in anticipation of a future hiring resurgence.

Jocelyn shares her experience from an employer branding perspective: “There are many approaches that a company can take in this pandemic. Some are more focused on the short-term, where the conversations they are having internally may sound like ‘Instead of 50 vacancies, we are only left with five right now, therefore, I don’t think we should spend so much time and energy on employer branding.’

The danger when they do that though is that when the economy recovers, they lose the share of mind of job seekers to companies that were more consistent in their employer branding efforts during the pandemic when these companies were not. That is when these companies might lose their talent to other companies who were more well prepared and more far-sighted.”

Your greatness lies in the here and now.

Think about how you can create and add value, rather than feel dejected

How can Recruitment stay relevant if there is no hiring?

It’s all about your mindset.

Cynthia shares “I have to think of what I can do as a recruiter during this down season to continue adding and creating value, rather than feel dejected looking at the current state of affairs. Yes, things don’t look good, but I think it’s the mindset of the individual, how they think, and how they use this free time, that is important.”

Here are several ways recruiters can value-add:

  1. Upskilling themselves with relevant skill sets
  2. Kill two birds with one stone: Engage talents while improving employer branding
  3. Keep themselves updated on job market trends and initiatives by other companies

Get more examples on how recruiters can value-add in this pandemic in this article.

The pandemic has already drastically shaped the future of work, and it will continue doing so. By finding fresh ways to value-add today, recruiters can reimagine recruitment processes of the future and future-proof their jobs.

Poon Yi Lin

TalentTribe Writer

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