SGUnited Traineeships for Host Companies

Bring in fresh graduates as trainees to support your business needs,
with government support.

SGUT Traineeships For Host Companies
This page contains public information on SGUnited Traineeships for companies. Information is directly from Workforce Singapore (WSG), for latest updates you can go to WSG's website.

What are SGUnited Traineeships?

  • Introduced by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Workforce Singapore (WSG).
  • Help fresh graduates develop industry-relevant skills & experiences, expand their professional networks & boost their employability in preparation of the eventual recovery
  • Up to 21,000 traineeship opportunities in various sectors, lasting up to 12 months each, provided to fresh graduates & those about to graduate from ITEs, Polytechnics, Universities and other educational institutions.

What are the benefits for companies?

  • Bring in new graduates as trainees to support your business needs
  • Tap on government financial support during the traineeship period
  • Hire well-performing trainees as permanent employees after the traineeship period, when business conditions stabilise & hiring picks up

When can my company start the Traineeship programme?

  • Traineeships can commence after the Host Company’s application for Traineeship positions has been approved by SBF and the company has selected the trainee.

What is the maximum duration of a Traineeship programme?

  • Host Companies can offer a Traineeship of up to 12 months.
  • Traineeships must begin by 31st December 2020.

Can the Traineeship period be extended during the programme?

  • No. The Traineeship cannot be extended as the duration was assessed based on approved plans.
  • Host Companies may consider hiring the trainees if there are more roles for the trainee to undertake and/or tap on other available Government grants for immediate hiring needs.

Can a Host Company terminate the Traineeship?

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances or unsuitable trainee fit, Host Companies can terminate the Traineeship while providing sufficient notice to the trainee, as stipulated in the training agreement.
  • They should seek approval from SBF with an explanation for terminating the Traineeship. Likewise, trainees are also allowed to leave the Traineeship at any time if there are good reasons to do so (e.g managed to secure a full-time job) while providing sufficient notice.
  • Government funding for the training allowance will be provided for the duration of the fulfilled traineeship.

Do companies need to provide Annual & Sick Leave to trainees?

  • As this is a Traineeship where there is no employer-employee relationship, Host Companies are not obliged to offer employee benefits to trainees.
  • Host Companies may choose to offer benefits on a discretionary goodwill basis.

Can a Host Company offer trainees a full-time role during the course of the Traineeship?

  • Yes. Host Companies can offer their trainees with a full-time role, if they find the individual’s performance satisfactory.

Can my company develop our own Traineeship programme? Are there any guidelines to follow?

  • Host Companies should propose Development Plans for the traineeships offered. The Development Plan will be assessed by SBF. Development Plans for the trainees should be clearly different from the work done by a regular employee of the host company.

Given the Covid-19 situation, can my company do a virtual Traineeship programme?

  • Yes. Host Companies can develop virtual Traineeship programmes during this period.
  • These will be evaluated by SBF to ensure that Traineeships conducted via this mode still provide meaningful developmental opportunities for the trainees.

Must Traineeships be conducted in Singapore? Can my company send Trainees to overseas offices for training?

  • Traineeships offered by Host Companies can be conducted overseas.
  • Such requirements must be made known upfront during the posting of Traineeship opportunities on
  • Host companies will need to fully bear the cost associated with overseas training.
  • Prevailing national travel advisories and restrictions will still apply.

My company is a Group Company with many companies under us. Can a trainee be put through Traineeships with my affiliated companies?

  • Trainees will be tied to a specific host company (based on UEN) for the duration of the programme, and the Host Company will be responsible for all Traineeship arrangements.
  • Requirements for rotation to affiliated companies must be made known upfront during submission of plans to SBF and made clear to prospective applicants when the opportunity is posted on
  • SBF and WSG will conduct regular checks to ensure that Host Companies comply fully with approved Traineeship plans.

Who can I contact if I have more queries on SGUnited Traineeships?

  • If there are any further queries on SGUnited Traineeships Programme, you can submit your query to Workforce Singapore here.

What are the funding rates?

  • Government will fund 80% of the training allowance
  • Host Company funds the remaining 20%
  • Monthly training allowance provided to each trainee may vary depending on the Traineeship Scope, based on Traineeship requirements as below:

Required qualifications or their equivalents

Estimated Monthly Training Allowance
Pegged to 50-70% of median starting salaries for each qualification.

University degree or above

$1,800  – $2,500

Polytechnic diploma or professional qualifications

$1,300 – $1,800

ITE or equivalent

$1,100 – $1,500

How will the 80% Government funding for training allowance be provided?

  • Host Companies are required to pay out the monthly training allowance to trainees on a monthly basis.
  • Correspondingly, SBF will reimburse the Government co-funded portion of the training allowance on a monthly basis to Host Companies on the programme.

Do companies need to make CPF contributions for trainees?

  • As this is a training programme, there is no employment relationship between the trainees and Host Companies. Thus, Host Companies do not need to pay CPF.

Are trainees eligible for Job Support Scheme (JSS) payouts?

  • Trainees are not considered employees, and Host Companies will not receive JSS payouts for these trainees.

Must my company post the SGUnited Traineeship opportunities on

  • Yes, Host Companies must post Traineeship opportunities on From there, Host Companies will be able to receive applications from interested fresh graduates and directly liaise with the applicants.
  • Once the traineeship is offered and accepted, the Host Company must inform SBF to begin the Traineeship. The Host Company must update the posting and indicate that the opportunity has been filled.

Can my company post the SGUnited Traineeship opportunities on TalentTribe?

  • Yes, apart from posting on, companies can also post your listings on TalentTribe with the hashtag #SGUnitedTraineeships in the job title. This will give your position better exposure to potential trainees.
  • Once the traineeship is offered and accepted, you must inform SBF to begin the traineeship.
  • You will also need to update the posting and indicate that the opportunity has been filled.

Do companies apply for the programme only when they have found a trainee, or should they apply for the programme first and then find the trainees?

  • Companies should apply for the programme first and then find the trainees.

Is my company eligible to apply?

All Host Companies must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Host Companies must be registered or incorporated in Singapore;
  • Offer Traineeships lasting up to 12 months (Traineeship must commence by 31st December 2020);
  • Provide clear Traineeship Descriptions and Development Plans that would provide trainees with meaningful developmental opportunities during the Traineeship period, subject to approval by the appointed Programme Manager, Singapore Business Federation.
  • Co-fund 20% of the training allowance for the duration of the Traineeship.

How to apply to be a Host Company?

  • The SGUnited Traineeships Programme will commence from 1st June 2020 onwards.
  • Companies interested to be Host Companies for Traineeships under the programme can fill up this Interest Form.
  • The appointed Programme Manager, Singapore Business Federation (SBF), will get in touch with companies on the application process, including submissions of detailed Traineeship Descriptions & Development Plans.

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