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Ultimate List of Scholarships (Singapore)

Shortcut your scholarship research & applications with this comprehensive list of scholarships available for university, polytechnic and ITE students.

What you’ll find inside:

🔥 Full-term scholarships for students who are preparing to enter school

🔥 Mid-term scholarships for students who are halfway through your studies

🔥 Relevant fields of study & eligible institutions for each scholarship

🔥 Scholarship benefits: Tuition coverage, maintenance allowance, hostel fees, and more

🔥 Bond duration

🔥 Grade & nationality requirements to quickly identify programmes you qualify for

🔥 Application opening dates & deadlines so you can stay on top of important dates

🔥 Application links consolidated for easy application"

A scholarship could be worth up to $100,000!

There are often a lot more scholarships out there we can tap on than we realise. Researching them all and managing all the deadlines is time consuming - especially if you are in the middle of an academic semester. We've done the hard work for you in this ultimate list 😇

Scholarship programmes not only cover your tuition fees, but also offer other benefits, such as maintenance allowance (i.e. extra pocket money), hostel, laptop, exchange programme, summer programmes, and more.

Scholars also often get guaranteed internships, a fast-track career path in the sponsoring organisation and access to senior management. This is the career headstart everybody wants.

Pro Tip: Knowing the requirements of different scholarships early on -- and which ones you should keep an eye on -- helps you figure out what grades you need to aim for, and other requirements you need to plan ahead of time.

Get your expensive tuition fees covered
Get Free Access Now
Get your expensive tuition fees covered
Get Free Access Now
Get your expensive tuition fees covered
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